About Me

Blake Holman is the Founder and CEO of Blake Holman Fitness. Blake has helped transform hundreds of clients’ lives through his online coaching program, private training services in NYC, and virtual training. He is quickly becoming one of the industry’s most highly respected and reputable experts. Blake is renowned for transforming the bodies of men and women around the world, and his clients include some of NYC’s top executives and entrepreneurs. His signature workouts are based on the principles of strength training, empowering his clients and producing massive results.

Blake has been in the fitness industry for over 6 years and has worked with some of the top companies around the globe including Bodybuilding.com, C4 Energy, EVL Sports, MyProtein, BodyArmor, VADE Nutrition, and many more. In doing so, Blake has been able to travel across the country to fitness expos and has created an extensive network across the entire industry. He has also built his Instagram account (@blakeholmanfitness) to a community of over 136,000 followers where he shares motivational content, fitness tips, and much more.

Blake has been featured in New York Weekly, The American Reporter, Medium, and the Los Angeles Wire.